Sunday, December 7, 2008

A New Journey

Do you have any idea how valuable you are? I am not sure if I do -- after reading the opening paragraph to Joyce Meyer's book "Look Great, Feel Great." I suffer from self-doubt. I abuse my body with bad food choices. I have bad habits, I fight depression and lack of motivation. I have felt lost and wandering in a spiritual desert from time to time.

This blog is about striving to be the best you that you can be. Follow me on the journey through "Look Great, Feel Great."

My Story

I grew up in your typical home (although it is becoming less typical). My mom and dad raised me, my sister and my brother. We always had what we needed. Maybe not always what we wanted, but what we needed. Meal time was no exception, we always had food on the table. It may not have been the best food for us, but it was food. I don't know if I ever truly learned how to properly nourish my body. We ate what we could afford. For some reason it seems like the things that are good for you were always more expensive than things that were not. (At times it still seems that way. - That could just be my misunderstanding.) Now, this is not a fault of my parents, they did the best they could. Life happens and you do the best that you can.

I am currently 100 pounds overweight. I have always been overweight, except for in college. I lost 75 pounds over my 4 1/2 years away at school. I know that I can do it again. Like most women the picture of my body and the ideal body are probably skewed. Especially with my love for fashion magazines. However, I do think that my goal is a very reasonable one. I would like to be a size 10. This way I would be able to wear anything any designer makes. That would be a great thing. Besides, that was the size I was when I left college and I felt great. I also know what a big part of this problem is. I do not exercise far enough. If you eat what you want to eat and don't exercise you will be fat.

Yes, I work a lot. I own two businesses and work a job. I write and I scrapbook. I tend to to forget to value myself and take time for myself. My husband tends to come before things for myself. (This will probably be the same when I have children.)

I am taking this journey because my husband deserves a wife that looks great and feels great.


Joyce Meyer says, "I believe the world is love-starved and busy trying to get it through sources that will never satisfy, while God wants to give it freely. Money cannot satisfy. Neither can position, power or fame. All are poor substitutes for love. All leave an inner discontent that causes all kinds of problems, including obesity. People are trying to satisfy a hunger that food cannot relieve." I am going to start valuing myself and strive to be the best me that I can be.


The Zak Family said...

I'm with you girlfriend! You can do it! I need inspiration and motivation myself. Maybe you can help me out! :)

R.L.Scovens said...

I'm also reading Look Great Feel Great along with 100 Ways to Simplify your Life!lol Hang in there and know that you can do it!!