Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Forgotten Motto

I have forgotten my motto over that last few weeks. I have let life live on and got swept up in the stress, crankiness, and down right moodiness. I feel like I have not laughed until I cried in ages. I felt like I have stopped loving everyone, including myself. That is not who I am. I live - I laugh - I love.

SO what happened that I go all swept up in life? I let all the distractions do what they will do -- distract. I let family members take me away from what I need to do. I have let the decisions of others affect my happiness. I stopped reading- things that keep me focused. I stopped listening - to praise and worship, educational materials, even enjoyable music. I started listening to the negative trash that people eagerly flow from mouths of people I know and people that I don't. I let topics become conversations that shouldn't.

What can I do??? I can start again. Start reading - things that help me grow. Grow as a woman, a Christian, a business owner, a wife. I can refocus. Refocus by simply moving my work area to a place where I can concentrate. I need to take time. Time for what I need to do, what I want to do, take time for me and take time for my Lord.

People think that I work all the time. I do. I am a busy woman. I work a job with crazy hours. I own two businesses, I write and I scrapbook. That is a busy life, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have goals. I need to make my goals happen. Sitting back and letting the world take me where it will is not the answer.

People may think that I don't have my priorities in the right place. That just means that you have not really looked at my life. What I do is rewarding and rejuvenating. I go to bed at night knowing that I did everything I could that day for me and my family. Yes I work for someone else, but I do that because I choose to.

I lost my focus. Now that I realized that all I need to do is manage my time and get what I need to get done during the day. That is the easy part.

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