Monday, October 27, 2008

It's time to PRAY

I do not consider myself a very political person. To be honest I have been struggling this past election season. Up until this year, I have basically agreed with democrats, and that is the way I voted. Well this year I started to listen to all of the nominees.

Today I have realized. It is time to PRAY.

We need to pray that our country elects the right person for this job. I will be honest, you do need to elect the person that is right for you and your life. I am going to take my soap box here and put a few things out there.

First: We live in a Republic. We are a capitalistic and free enterprise country. We are not Socialist nation. Now I am not calling Obama a Socialist. However, many of his thoughts and what his plans seem to be very socialist.

I don't totally understand this redistribution of wealth thing. The way that I understand it is basically taking from the rich to give to the poor. Okay. I will say this. I am not rich by any means. However, I do know that the reason I am in the financial situation I am in is 100% based on my decisions. I am 100% capable of getting myself out of this situation. There is no reason why people who have done the hard work should get it taken away and given to the people who won't work for it.

Second: The American Dream. If we are not careful who we elect this could turn in to the American Nightmare. Under Obama it is totally okay to pursue your dreams. Don't you dare achieve it though. When you do we are going to tax the daylights out of you because you have to take care of the people who won't do anything for themselves.

Thirdly: You are who you associate with. If you associate with questionable people, that makes me question you.

So what I ask is to pray. As a nation we need to pray. Pray that the candidates have wisdom to make the right decisions. Ask the Lord to open their eyes, and open their ears. Use the in gates more than the out gate of the mouth. We also need to pray that everyone who is able goes out to vote. We need to pray that the voting public does what they feel is best for them. However, we also need to ask God to ensure that the proper candidate gets in the office. We know that they are both Christians and yes we are to give to the poor and help those who can't help themselves. We need to pray and pray hard. God please work here. I as,k if you are reading this to stand in agreement with me. You may not agree with the points that I have mentioned, but you can stand in agreement with the fact that we need to pray!

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